Jun 25, 2014

Midsummer night at Pärnu-Jaagupi: a huge photo post

I just had a super cozy getaway for a few days.

Day 2. Searching for a certain abandoned manor.
 And found it!

 A few scary steps.

 A weird corner.

We found something extremely bizarre inside a completely abandoned and crumbling manor... One of the rooms looked liked someone lived there or had just recently left: a table with tablecloth and dinnerware in a cupboard, bed with blankets and pillows, coats hanging in the coat rack... When we came here two years ago, it was all in the same order...

A very creepy clown was lying around in the room too.

Anders getting into the horror film vibe.

After getting back to the cottages we had some super tasty mojitos Krete made for us and watched horror films. I'm so glad we didn't watch Insidious before going to the abandoned manor.
Photos by me and Anders.

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