Mar 8, 2017

My first video single

I want to share a very special project with you. We started working on this video more than six months ago. I had this picture in my mind and I thought it would make a great music video. We would bounce the idea back and forth with my friends and it started to transform into a narrative. And as it got more meat on its bones and we began to think about the lights, the colors, the locations, the mood, the tempo, I realized that the music that I intended for this doesn't really work. So I composed a new track over the course of two nights and it finally felt right. We shot the video in September 2016 in two days, it was a very genuine and easy process. After that it pended in post-production for a long time and I finally wrote the lyrics and made the music into a song.
So here we are. 

Mar 2, 2017

OOTD: March 2nd

 Happy March! This bleak winter seems to never end. I threw my coat(s) off to snap a few quick photos of my outfit underneath the layers of overclothes. 
Bra - Zaful
Fringe necklace - Zaful
Top - H&M
Maxi vest - Boohoo
Belt - Asos

 Behold, a rare smiling picture!
 ...and back to my more usual very serious self.