Oct 15, 2013

Autumn reigns

I've been obsessed with these gloves... I wear them EVERYWHERE.

Many things have changed in my life recently... I'm less and less interested in transient trends and fashion grotesque. I am more and more into timeless style, intelligent choices, verbal and visual eloquence, concentration of thought and energy... 

I've been absorbing and observing and it has been a great time, a journey to discover myself and the world, again and again... 

I'm also selling the majority of my wardrobe - for various reasons, but the main one is just to own less stuff... I also might be moving to Berlin in spring so having less to pack would also be nice. If you're going through my blog/Lookbook and feel you're interested in buying some items I'm wearing, let me know. I'm not guaranteeing that everything is available, but feel free to ask anyway...

Dress and belt from Kristine's Collection

Apr 1, 2013

Soviet architecture

Here's another skirt from Love
To get 25% off Love full size items use code anaphrodisiac25
Offer is valid till 01 June 2013.
You can find lots of more pictures and details about other items I'm wearing below...

Mar 31, 2013

mint, chocolate and vanilla

The gorgeous maxi skirt is from Love.
To get 25% off Love full size items use code anaphrodisiac25
Offer is valid till 01 June 2013. Happy shopping!

Mar 13, 2013

Photography post: pastel & haze

A short retrospect on my photography: here you have the spring moods with floral motifs, pearls, sequins, dust & haze, sand, pastel and muted tones, warmth, light and natural. Isn't nature the greatest source of inspiration?

More of my photography on flickr

Feb 17, 2013

Style inspiration via Looklet

You need some style inspiration or want to practice your skills as a stylist?

Looklet.com presents a brilliant online styling app, which is actually made for "large retail and fashion companies who face the challenge of photographing a rapidly increasing volume of clothes for their e-com solutions." You can quickly produce high-quality fashion images, by using real clothes on a variety of models.

You can find a short overview of the process here

Of course I tried out the (demo) app and styled quite a few looks. Here are the looks I created:

Feb 5, 2013

outfit post: sophisticated tops and sheer bottoms

So, I spent last weekend at the amazing Vihula Manor, but since I was working, there's not many pictures of me there. But I shall go back at the end of February and I will definitely take tons of personal pictures then...
Here's a few photos of me at the Vihula Manor cigar room. 


Different shades of minty inspiration I'd mingle with my spring wardrobe...

from asos.com

Jan 23, 2013

American Apparel for better weather

So here's a post about the fabulous stuff I got from American Apparel for the Spookbook.nu Halloween contest, where my look was chosen as a runner-up and I received 100$ store credit.
Unfortunately, the stuff is currently unwearable in the wintery Estonia, at least without many layers of warm clothes on top of everything... but anyway, here it is.
Altogether I got two bodysuits, two tube bras, silver shorts and red leggings. Not bad for 100$!