Sep 19, 2012

DIY boot chains

I made these chain accessories some time ago to give my boring brown boots a fresher look. Again, super easy to make them, I just used different chains, little crosses, pincers (with thin tips!!) and scissors.

Sep 14, 2012

DIY xxx top

I've been moderately obsessed with Nasty Gal's X Rated Bodysuit and X Rated Dress, so I made a very cheap DIY version, using a simple white top and the leather patches from a fabrics store (that cost me 0.80 € - the bodysuit and dress at NG cost 48 $).

So there you have a slightly more conservative alternative to taping your nipples...

And here are the ones you can purchase at Nasty Gal.

I really like the dress with the see-through mesh top part.

Sep 13, 2012

and every color illuminates

Proge collection by Liisa Tupits
Models: Kerli Hatto, Kadri Viil
Make-up: Mariliis Mengel
All photos by me

disco echoes

Beach season is over, long live the disco hall season.

Photos are from my summer shoot wearing a friend's bodysuit.