Jan 19, 2014

Stockholm and how the winter is not coming. It's here.

So I went to Stockholm this weekend. It was a ship cruise and 7 hours in Stockholm was not enough as always. Still I snapped some pictures of the beautiful snowy day. Some parts of the old town were so quiet, no people, no wind, just snow floating in the air.

Fishing in the city centre... Hell yeah.

Jan 14, 2014

Anxiety of the spectacle

I haven't posted here for a while so here's an update to drink with some spicy tea and wintersun...
I've been concentrating on other things instead of taking pictures of what I wear... and to be honest, I am more than content with that. Most of my time goes on learning, reading, watching films and conversing with inspirational people. Regarding to my appearance, I still care very much about how I look, but now it is quality rather than quantity. I try to find unique and timeless items made of quality fabrics instead of cheap fashion. And it might sound strange, but I try to find those things from thrift stores. Coming across things like genuine leather boots, 100% wool sweaters and silk blouses in thrift stores... and getting them just for a few euros... Doesn't happen every time, but still, it's like a miracle when it does.

On other news, I have launched a new blog, which is only focused on my own personal photography, take a look at it HERE. This will be a decent portion of the imagery I see and digest on a daily basis.
I am more than happy to leave the year 2013 and start anew. I have a few goals this year that I definitely want to achieve and I'm full of motivation.

And about today... A wonderful winter day with some sun. I haven't even seen actual daylight for a while and now all the shine and glisten... crazy.