Jan 14, 2014

Anxiety of the spectacle

I haven't posted here for a while so here's an update to drink with some spicy tea and wintersun...
I've been concentrating on other things instead of taking pictures of what I wear... and to be honest, I am more than content with that. Most of my time goes on learning, reading, watching films and conversing with inspirational people. Regarding to my appearance, I still care very much about how I look, but now it is quality rather than quantity. I try to find unique and timeless items made of quality fabrics instead of cheap fashion. And it might sound strange, but I try to find those things from thrift stores. Coming across things like genuine leather boots, 100% wool sweaters and silk blouses in thrift stores... and getting them just for a few euros... Doesn't happen every time, but still, it's like a miracle when it does.

On other news, I have launched a new blog, which is only focused on my own personal photography, take a look at it HERE. This will be a decent portion of the imagery I see and digest on a daily basis.
I am more than happy to leave the year 2013 and start anew. I have a few goals this year that I definitely want to achieve and I'm full of motivation.

And about today... A wonderful winter day with some sun. I haven't even seen actual daylight for a while and now all the shine and glisten... crazy.

By the way, I am wearing a 3€ Zara coat I got from a second hand shop. It's a bit big for me, but I don't mind much. 

I made the garters and the strappy harness I wear on top of my blouse myself. 
The necklace is from Sheinside... I think.

And the perfect song for today, a turning point in my life - Brendan Perry - Wintersun

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