Dec 23, 2015

OOTD: /// colours fade, winter waits

It seemed that summer had skipped Estonia this year and so does the winter. No snow, no real cold (not complaining about the latter at all), just loads of wind and showers of annoyingly angled rain. At least I can keep my Arctic coat on the hanger and layer up my summer clothes, pretty much.
The coat is faux fur, fyi.
 The dress is from
Gray jacket from
Winter solstice present. I'm a huge fan of Vivien Leigh ever since I read her biography as a child. So I liked the actress even before I had seen any films with her. Gone With The Wind takes me straight back to my childhood.
And Anna von Hausswolff is the soundtrack for this season.
Befffriod agrees.

Dec 13, 2015

ootd: it's in the trees

Honestly, I don't know why, but I have a major thing for tree/branch prints. Whenever I see a silhouette of trees or branches on a clothing item or actually, anything, I just have to have it in my life. I even got a forest tattoo this year.
The blouse and jeans are from

Nov 27, 2015

Birthday in Milan

It was my birthday a few days ago and Anders took me to a surprise trip to Milan... I knew we where going somewhere, but I literally found out the destination at the airport. I'm still totally mesmerized.
I had always imagined Milan to be a trendy city with high-end boutiques and brand shops and that part of it is defintely there, but there is so much more... beautiful architecture and romantic narrow streets, but also heavy contrasts - the world's most expensive brand stores and just a few meters away there are people sleeping under rugs. 
But overall I really liked the people and how they looked. Most people have really good taste and there's a scent of an old-school elegance that you don't see that much in Nordic countries. Many older people have super stylish all-black outfits and apparently they don't think it's a grim look, and that's cool. They know how to style a scarf or a cravat or a fedora... And the shoes! Most people wear beautiful shoes, which was so good to see... Where I'm from almost everybody is wearing sneakers or some sort of running shoes nowadays... I understand that they're comfortable and all that, but I'm just not a big fan of the look. Especially sneakers paired up with a trench coat... ugh.
Here is the photo flow.

Trees on roof tops is a thing there. Loving it!
My coat is