Feb 17, 2013

Style inspiration via Looklet

You need some style inspiration or want to practice your skills as a stylist?

Looklet.com presents a brilliant online styling app, which is actually made for "large retail and fashion companies who face the challenge of photographing a rapidly increasing volume of clothes for their e-com solutions." You can quickly produce high-quality fashion images, by using real clothes on a variety of models.

You can find a short overview of the process here

Of course I tried out the (demo) app and styled quite a few looks. Here are the looks I created:

Feb 5, 2013

outfit post: sophisticated tops and sheer bottoms

So, I spent last weekend at the amazing Vihula Manor, but since I was working, there's not many pictures of me there. But I shall go back at the end of February and I will definitely take tons of personal pictures then...
Here's a few photos of me at the Vihula Manor cigar room. 


Different shades of minty inspiration I'd mingle with my spring wardrobe...

from asos.com