Apr 25, 2016

Nasty Gal style board

Hiya, I'm back with a wishlist/style board for this spring. I'm planning to do more of these, but I'll start with Nasty Gal, since I always find cool items on their site. And yes, I am aware of the controversy around the brand and the way they treat their employees - it's very frustrating and I'm not sure I'll buy from them again (plus the shipping to Estonia is so expensive, the last time I ordered from them I actually paid more for shipping + tax than the three products I ordered... madness!), so this is just for inspiration. I also plan to show more ethical/sustainable fashion brands from now own. I've been eating a plant-based diet for half a year now and I'm trying to be more concious in all my choices, including fashion. This board does not feature leather/wool/silk or any other animal products :)
Most of the items are black as usual... I just like it best and after all, this here is just a reflection of my own taste.

If I had to pick my favorite items from here, they'd be the YRU Laso Vegan Boots, cause they're so sexy and I'm obsessing over the more masculine western style right now. And vegan, yay!

And secondly, the After Party Vintage Hillary Cropped Jacket. This is a surprising choice for me (it's not black omg + I usually don't like denim jackets too much), but I'm so digging the shredded hem, the vintage style and wide fit. 


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