Nov 27, 2015

Birthday in Milan

It was my birthday a few days ago and Anders took me to a surprise trip to Milan... I knew we where going somewhere, but I literally found out the destination at the airport. I'm still totally mesmerized.
I had always imagined Milan to be a trendy city with high-end boutiques and brand shops and that part of it is defintely there, but there is so much more... beautiful architecture and romantic narrow streets, but also heavy contrasts - the world's most expensive brand stores and just a few meters away there are people sleeping under rugs. 
But overall I really liked the people and how they looked. Most people have really good taste and there's a scent of an old-school elegance that you don't see that much in Nordic countries. Many older people have super stylish all-black outfits and apparently they don't think it's a grim look, and that's cool. They know how to style a scarf or a cravat or a fedora... And the shoes! Most people wear beautiful shoes, which was so good to see... Where I'm from almost everybody is wearing sneakers or some sort of running shoes nowadays... I understand that they're comfortable and all that, but I'm just not a big fan of the look. Especially sneakers paired up with a trench coat... ugh.
Here is the photo flow.

Trees on roof tops is a thing there. Loving it!
My coat is 

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