Apr 27, 2016

Asos Eco Edit style inspo

I'm still in the refreshing spring fashion mood and this time I'm showing you my little style inspiration clips from Asos Eco Edit. I've been webshopping at Asos for years now and Eco Edit is their collection of eco-friendly sustainable fashion. So cool!
A lot of the clothing items there are vegan, but most of the boots, bags and belts are geniune leather unfortunately. I particularly liked some leather harnesses there, so I hope they'll have vegan leather options available soon.


Apr 25, 2016

Nasty Gal style board

Hiya, I'm back with a wishlist/style board for this spring. I'm planning to do more of these, but I'll start with Nasty Gal, since I always find cool items on their site. And yes, I am aware of the controversy around the brand and the way they treat their employees - it's very frustrating and I'm not sure I'll buy from them again (plus the shipping to Estonia is so expensive, the last time I ordered from them I actually paid more for shipping + tax than the three products I ordered... madness!), so this is just for inspiration. I also plan to show more ethical/sustainable fashion brands from now own. I've been eating a plant-based diet for half a year now and I'm trying to be more concious in all my choices, including fashion. This board does not feature leather/wool/silk or any other animal products :)
Most of the items are black as usual... I just like it best and after all, this here is just a reflection of my own taste.

If I had to pick my favorite items from here, they'd be the YRU Laso Vegan Boots, cause they're so sexy and I'm obsessing over the more masculine western style right now. And vegan, yay!

And secondly, the After Party Vintage Hillary Cropped Jacket. This is a surprising choice for me (it's not black omg + I usually don't like denim jackets too much), but I'm so digging the shredded hem, the vintage style and wide fit. 


Mar 6, 2016

/// slick & sleeky

Hey there. The majority of this post is going to be a review of the Irresistible Me Diamond flat iron & some ootd photos later.

So this flat iron comes in a neat box like this. I particularly liked that it closes with a magnet.

And the iron itself looks like this. It's very comfortable to use, it has so-called cool tips, so you can hold on to the tips of iron without getting burned. Also the buttons are on the inside, so you won't accidentally change the settings.
My messy hair before straightening. I actually like my hair like this and most of the time I will just leave it like that and add some leave-in conditioner or hair oils, so it wouldn't look so dry.

And yes, I know I have really damaged my hair with bleaching it... I am trying to grow the blonde out and my hair is getting healthier every day.
NB! If you're from Europe, you have to get an adapter for the electric plug... That was pretty much the only bummer.
Which look do you like best? I actually think I look older with sleekier hair o_O

And now the OOTD. The dress is from Shein.com

Feb 23, 2016

Guardian Curtains

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the new music video from my band, Forgotten Sunrise.
Shot and cut by Andri Allas, creatively conducted by Mikk Metsniit.