Nov 12, 2015

slide into the night

On this lovely dark, gloomy and foggy November evening we drove to Riisipere, a small Estonian town. You know the liberating feeling of driving to a sort-of-random place and just hanging out, not knowing anyone - or like it was in our case - not meeting anyone really. Feels so safe and solemn. Like home.
 I'm obsessed with this top. Been wearing it all the time. It's from Wholesale7
Are you having a laugh?

Nov 5, 2015

au lait

November is on, so much to do, so little time.. Trying to feel fine... and here's a look for you.
The dress is from DealSale (it's a mobile app, get it for IOS or Android), the coat is from Zara, the blazer is from Carine Roitfeld. 

PS Kes on homme Tallinnas, tulge Kultuuriklubi Kelmi, kus toimib fenomenaalselt hea muusika festival Body Machine Body ning astume ├╝les ka Forgotten Sunrise'iga.


Oct 20, 2015

Limestone & ash

Found some ash hills in an open-pit mine in Sutlema, Raplamaa.
And here's my super casual outfit.
The beanie is from Newdress