Mar 2, 2014

The last day of February and the first day of March in Helsinki

I'm back from Helsinki. The concert night went great, you never see so many people at dark electro/industrial/synthpop parties in Estonia. People also put more effort in dressing up. I'm not a fan of the cyber goth look, but the atmosphere was great and it was definitely fun to be there and dance until the lights were put on. By the way, the event took place on a boat, which had three dance rooms on different floors and we found a happy sauna party at the backstage... the naked guys from a previous party took their time before leaving.
We only had a few hours to spend in Helsinki and we went to Black & White  and Music Hunter. All DVD boxes were 50% off in Music Hunter, so we got a Tarantino box. Maybe I'll finally get to watch Jackie Brown, the only Tarantino movie I haven't seen.
I got Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of House Usher and other writings from the Academic Bookstore. It's great to finally have it in the original language. I also had a severe wtf-moment, when I checked if they had something from Michel Houellebecq, who's one of my favourite writers. They had a paperback of his last novel The Map and the Territory and on the back cover it was written Michel Houellebecq (1956-2010)... He was born on 1956, but he is still here... Quite a phenomenon. It might have something to do with the fact that the novel has a character, a writer also called Michel Houellebecq and he dies in the book. The novel was published in 2010. I don't know if someone mixed up literature and life, but it certainly made me want to read the book even more. I have it in Estonian since last May, so as soon as I've finished his Platform, I will definitely read it.

A photo of the band just minutes before going on the stage.
And something more fashion-related - I made the collar and cuffs Anders is wearing at the concert. I've actually made similar ones for myself too and wore them on a shoot a few posts back. The idea came when I spotted a black mini skirt at a thrift store... it was made from a stretchy material, similar to a rubber band and it cost only 1€. I made this collar out of it.
I can't believe how expensive the materials and supplies are in fabric/handicraft stores... buckles, straps, chains and other details - the choice is not that good, but they are so overpriced. Thus I try to scavenge thrift stores as often as I can to find materials to recycle.

Also, our hotel room had some suggestive guidelines here and there... And no, we didn't go to the KGB :)

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